Your server software is the groundwork for your project. Your players can't enjoy a great experience if it's focused on tasks that may not relate to your minigame or project. HyperSpigot optimizes many frequently used functions of your server software, enables configuration of usually hidden features, and provides your developers the control they've been missing.

Why Hyper?

HyperSpigot is maintained by the same team that's already ensuring all your plugins work wonderfully together; it only makes sense for your server software to play nice as well.

Who is Hyper for?

Hyper is designed for servers that run in high player-count environments for long periods of time. Many unnecessary server tasks that are run normally are disabled or limited, while more intense tasks that happen frequently have been streamlined to work as seamlessly as possible. If you're running a minigame server, a project with heavily modified mechanics, or just a server that you want complete control over, Hyper is for you.

What is Hyper based off of? Is it open source?

Hyper is inspired by PaperSpigot, with many customizations, enhancements, and changes. Due to many of the propriety methods we use for our enhancements, Hyper is not open source at this time. We are always open to the feedback of our clients, however, and encourage you to reach out with feedback and suggestions for future versions of Hyper.

Where do I get it?

Hyper Spigot is available starting today. Users of our Management 24/7 package can request a copy for all managed servers free of charge, or it can be licensed separately; just contact us for details!