Who even are you?

Why Brand Portals are Crucial for Standing Out!


“Who even are you?” is a question many of us find ourselves asking when looking through our social media feeds and seeing new “Celebrities” pop up every day. Some of them are famous for being funny, some for being extreme, and some for being attractive, but unless they’re all over the news it’s almost impossible to find out how most of these people got famous.

How do I get “Famous”?

It’s 2018, and that means getting famous is easier than ever. With cameras on every phone, someone is always recording the action. Singers who once might only be popular at their school can have a video go viral overnight and have a signed record deal the next day. Information moves faster than ever, and agencies, businesses, and other influencers are struggling to keep up. Anyone that can help advertise a product or cause is now considered an “Influencer”, and some of these Influencers are getting paid millions per year to promote products, events, and causes.


A Twitter Account & Instagram Page are enough.

Or are they?

There’s many ways of promoting content once you’ve become an influencer, but contacting people through twitter, instagram, youtube, or even email has become a difficult and unorganized process. Centralized information for people interested in working with you is crucial to getting the highest exposure of your influential power. If a brand sees you have 100,000 followers on Instagram, they need to be able to easily figure out why you have those followers, what your demographic is, and why they should work with you instead of one of the other 100,000+ Instagram influencers with even more followers. A centralized website that shows off your demographics, effects of past promotional campaigns with other brands, an “About Me” section that details how you got famous and why you’re still relevant today, and maybe even throw in a merch store to make a little extra money on the side.

If I’m looking to work with an influencer to promote a project, I don’t want to waste company money paying someone with a majority female following to promote content targeted towards men, but figuring out those demographics is nearly impossible without wasting hours emailing back and forth to management companies.

- Entertainment Manager of 1M+ Follower Influencers

Brand Portals - The Next Step Towards Centralized Information

Brand Portal Website Mockup2.jpg

Melon Development offers custom curated Brand Portals for influencers looking to offer a centralized information portal to their fans, brands, companies, and even other influencers.

These Brand Portals bring together all aspects about an influencer’s demographics, past experience working with brands, what made them famous, why they’re still famous, current projects, and more! The possibilities are virtually endless when the Melon Development team gets involved with your project.

We pair our website development services with our advanced server management services to make sure your website is up and running as efficiently as possible. No matter how many fans you have swarming your site, we make sure there’s no long load times no matter how slow or fast your internet is.

Ready to Centralize Your Brand?