It's time.

In late November 2017, we opened up submissions for developers and existing communities to apply to join the CubedPay Private Beta.

I'm very excited to announce that a handful of these servers will be getting invitations very soon.

Who are we looking for?

We asked lots of questions in our beta application to help us get a feel on the type of experience your team has as well as the amount of help you'd need to get setup. We asked a lot of these questions so we can ensure we get a variety of testers in the platform so we can have feedback from all types of clients.

Because of this, there isn't a specific criteria of these applicants we're looking for, rather we're accepting an assortment of users who can give us the most accurate feedback across the board.

So... who's getting accepted?

Of the 584 applications we've received, we're going to scale our userbase of the platform slowly. When we begin sending invites, we'll be starting with 10 stores, then 20 shortly after, then 30 more... up until we have 100 stores on our platform. We'll consider these 100 stores part of our core team that'll help us find and iron out any remaining problems we missed in our own staging environment.

Once we're ready to expand even more, we'll no longer be using the applications we collected. Private beta users will be chosen by our existing userbase as we'll be giving each store a handful of keys to give to their friends and coworkers.

Do testers receive any perks?

Users who help us beta test the platform will have their store on our Beta plan, which offers all the perks of our Unlimited plan with the pricing of Lite. This plan will not be available to select after the private beta ends. You'll also have direct access to our development team for feedback and reports via a private Discord server.

Can I use the CubedPay beta for my production server?

We advise not. At least, not right away. We believe in the stability of the platform and encourage you to use it on the side for a testing environment, but while we squash any remaining problems we encourage you to stick with your current provider for production use until we can officially call the core platform stable.

Are all features going to be available in the private beta?

Not yet. The private beta includes the core CubedPay feature set, but we will be rolling out lots of updates that contain changes, new features, and improved functionality rapidly during the beta. Our roadmap is available to view to our private beta testers accepted into the program. Our beta testers will automatically have access to all these features as they'll enjoy the benefits of the Unlimited plan.

What can I do without a beta key?

As a user, you'll be able to register a CubedPay account and manage your orders, add payment methods, game profiles, view your support tickets, and of course purchase from created stores. A beta key is required to make a webstore, but the entire customer experience will be open to everyone.

When do you go public officially?

It's hard to say. At Melon Development, we value having a quality product that works flawlessly as opposed to trying to shove something out the door with unfinished features. We're hoping to have CubedPay available without the need for a beta key this Spring.

We're so excited to finally be at this point, and the amount of support we've received throughout our development means the world to us.

I love what you're doing, and want to help spread the word.

Thank you so much for the support. If you're a large community or server host, please contact us about the CubedPay Affiliate Program, where you can earn revenue just by telling your users about CubedPay.

We can't wait to be your new store host,
Devon T.