In April of this year, we rebranded MelonDev's Brand Management services to what became "MelonDev Social". This rebranding came with more than a name change: direct consultation, assistance with YouTube channel growth, management and oversight for 3rd party social media accounts, and community management for clients and their game servers.

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The project was a massive success with us, allowing us to reach over 1.9 million fans with our social assistance. However, over the course of working with these clients, we'd hear nothing but complaints in meeting calls regarding other areas of running their brand as a business. Areas such as unclear or wildly incorrect accounting, slow legal services, poor or unrelated sponsorship deals, and so much more. It became clear to us through extensive market research that there was nobody in the space that covered the bases of supporting a creator's business. A simple Google Search revealed countless MCNs (Multi-channel networks), content aggregators, or e-sports agencies, but nothing was focused on accomplishing the same goals as we set out to.

In June, we began the concepts for what we now call Melon Seed Media. With this new concept of a company, we wanted to do a few things differently than what many were used to in the space.

Our Clients Are More Than Their Numbers

We don't rely on hefty almost decade-long contracts to keep clients working with us, we don't expect clients to wait 5+ business days to receive a response from their company that claims they're a first-priority, and finally, we don't consider your success to be defined by the amount of ads you can get your viewers to watch. We provide every single Melon Seed client a personalized experience that's tuned to their goals, whether that be making Minecraft videos or cosplaying for Instagram. No matter what you do, our benefits will make sense to you, because we tune them to cover the business you're going to become and not the channel that you are currently. Digital media is an undefined landscape that's changing constantly, and we want to help you build a foundation that's as structurally sound as possible - away from ever-changing algorithms.

The Creative Landscape Should Be Independent

If YouTube's trending page is any indication: traditional media is becoming a dominant force on the platform, and it has had a huge presence for years now. We believe that YouTube should always have a strong community of independent makers, and we want to do everything in our power to ensure that happens. Our first step for this was to offer enterprise services at affordable prices. That's why we've built in accounting, legal, and sponsorship services for every single Melon Seed client. You should not have to risk hefty tax penalties, signing bad contracts, or missing crazy high brand deals because you can't afford a professional to assist you.

We're Stronger Together

By creating an ecosystem of services and clients that love what they do and have the enterprise support that they need to climb the heights, we want to tip the scale in their favor. Through making collaboration easier, making new side-ventures more attainable, and allowing failure to be less of a worry, we believe we can help empower the next generation of creators, and help long-time veterans receive a new boost of motivation.

So what's happening with Melon Development?

We're not going anywhere. We're simply sunsetting what was known as MelonDev Social to allow Melon Seed Media to rise in its place. Existing social clients won't see any changes unless they want to start taking advantage of our new packages, pricing, and services.

We're so excited to be starting down this path, and we hope you'll decide to join us.

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