Here at Melon Development, we always try to stay on the cutting edge of what our clients want in terms of new features and services. The creation and design process of text-based art is an underappreciated and undervalued creative medium that we think has the potential to be the biggest thing in 2018. It's for this reason that we're unveiling our newest service...

Professional ASCII Art Design

Starting today, users will be able to order professionally made ASCII art designed by our dedicated team of 5 designers. Using their years of expertise, you can expect professional works such as:

This Dog
The Statue of Liberty
A Bicycle

All Truly Revolutionary Works

As you've come to expect from Melon Development, all of our pricing is up-front and easy to understand, which is why we're pricing all of our ASCII work at a low-cost affordable rate of $39 per character used within your project. We think this extremely low price point will give ASCII art the presence on the internet that we all want it to have.

We hope you're just as excited about this announcement as we are. Orders are open now, contact us for a quote.

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