The announcement of our Art Services last week has lead to overwhelmingly positive feedback, but we quickly realized an untapped professional market that we found a new interest in... and we're excited to say that it's now a market covered by the Melon Development umbrella!

Twitch Graphics Now Available!

Many of our potential clients that we didn't officially work with before are streamers! Whether it be Mixer, YouTube Gaming, or Twitch, everyone needs professional graphics to stand out from the crowd, and now we have you covered. Recent addition to our team, Pwincessly, has years of experience creating professional graphics for streamers of all sizes and will be heading our Twitch-related graphics from now on.

Artist Profiles

With the addition of the extra artist, we thought it'd only make sense to seperate out the portfolios of each of our team members in the creative space, so every artist on the team (including future ones!) now has their own page to showcase their work, most popular packages, and any other details specific to them.

Starting today, these services are available for order to all of our current clients, as well as new. We can't wait to work with you!