Late last year, Melon Development launched the Partner Program which allowed users of all budget sizes to gain flexible pricing on development and builds provided by us. Not only has this allowed communities to enjoy premium work without the stress of upfront costs, but it has allowed smaller creators to enjoy the benefits of a high production server without the high costs.

The first members of our partner program were Generzon and Char, and we're very excited to welcome them to the world of server ownership.

What is "The Block"?

The Block is a Discord community for both their and Minecraft fans alike, and this server is a perfect reflection of this community. The Block is built to be a network of many game types, with Factions being their first step. I'll leave you to discover the unique features and twists that their server offers.

How was Melon Development involved?

For this project, we provided development and build services that the server needed to take shape. Our development team worked countless hours on ensuring every last detail is perfect and our build partners produced premium work in very short notice. The Block also runs off our Management Plus server management plan to ensure that performance for their community is always at its peak.

How will Melon Development be involved in the future?

As The Blocks' owners are members of our partner program, future content updates and features are planned out to keep content fresh and to keep the feeling of a new server alive. We're very excited to be working with Generzon and Char as their server grows and thrives. As members of the partner program, this server will continue to enjoy bugfixes and changes included for their server at no extra cost.

If you're interested in working with us, don't hesitate to reach out. We're very excited to help you produce your next amazing idea.