Refocusing Our Vision


Over the past few months Melon Development™ has been through unbelievable growth by consistently providing top-tier development services to the internet's favorite content creators, gamers, companies, corporations, and more! Due to the increased demand for development services, we've had to make some tough decisions when it comes to our outlying services.

Melon Development Design Team

Due to the increase in demand for development services, we no longer have the management power available to keep our design services available to the general public. This simple staffing limitation paired with a significant increase in freelance artists offering our similar design services for substantially less has caused our team to have to shut down as the business we draw through design services is not enough to sustain this department of our company. Don't fret though! When ordering any development services through Melon Development, we can still handle all design aspects of your project to the fullest potential!

We are especially sad to see this service be discontinued as even our Chief Operations Officer, Kyle Bauske, started his journey through business and eventually made it to our company thanks to his simple beginnings doing design work for clients. We hope the best for all the designers we work with, never stop being creative!

Melon Development Internal Projects

As many of you know, Melon Development always has something in the works behind the scenes. Our first major public internal project was Play Uncharted, the amazing adventure-focused Minecraft server, which to-date has had over 200,000 views on our forums, and over 10,000 unique users.

In the pipeline we have two more major releases planned! Most of you have probably already heard of our new innovative payment gateway CubedPay™, which is partnered with both Bank of America and PayPal to provide services unlike any other gateways out there.

For more information on the innovations behind CubedPay check out

Our second major internal projects is still confidential, and will continue to remain that way for the time being, but always know we're looking to expand our suite of services to provide new and better experiences for everyone!

Want To Learn More?

We always strive to provide the best services we can offer by putting together the best teams possible. If you want to learn more about our company, vision, or products, check out the rest of our website! Thanks for reading!