Official Trailer

Our First Big Release

The Melon Development team has consistently provided development services to hundreds of clients across the online entertainment space, but we've never put together a project completely owned by our own company! It's finally time to reveal the amazing world of Uncharted! A tropical and adventure-based Minecraft server, created, developed, built, branded, and owned by Melon Development! Uncharted was developed as a way to show off the entire suite of Melon Development's services, and we couldn't be happier with the final result!

Created by Us

The concepts and ideas that have been put together to make Uncharted the server of our dreams are brought to you through our combined years of experience in the Minecraft server industry. Without our years of work, we would never be able to bring you such an in-depth and functional server!

Developed By Us


Uncharted was developed in just under one month, yes you read that right, the entire code-base of Uncharted was written in under one month of time. We wanted to show off not only our development team's skill, but their speed and accuracy when put on expedited projects. Uncharted runs our own suite of core plugins as well as our unbelievably optimized Hyper software for Minecraft servers.

Built By Us


Melon Development is affiliated with the best Minecraft build teams in the industry. We never let a build get to a client without reaching a level of quality that we'd be proud to use on our own projects, and we show that on Uncharted by using only maps built by the same build teams that build our client's orders!

Branded By Us


Melon Development hosts a wide variety of art services, from cartoon illustrators to corporate logo designers, we offer almost everything! For our Uncharted project we exclusively used in-house artists to produce all the branding images for the server. From the logos, to the twitter posts, to the shop icons, everything was drawn by Melon Development artists!

Owned By Us


This is our first project 100% owned by us, which means our dedicated management teams will be working to make this the best server experience possible! With 24/7 server management to make sure everything runs properly, and our best system administrators on the job, our server runs at peak performance no matter how many players join!

Still Don't Believe Us?

We put our business reputation on the line with this project, and we're confident it will convince you of our skills and dedication to quality. Join today at to see for yourself, or check out the server's forums to learn more!