Melon Development has been growing a lot these past couple months; from new developments, to upcoming servers, to one-off builds, to twitch apps, we've loved working with you all.

I'm really excited to announce that we're extending our list of services we offer even further.


Server Management by Melon Development

Server Management offers the services and features that communities would typically only receive when hiring their own dedicated team. We want to bring these amenities to those without the budget for dedicated system admins so they, too, can enjoy professional management, along with their player-base.

Some of the features we offer on our Server Management packages include:

  • Performance Monitoring to ensure that your software is running the best that it can
  • Software Stability Monitoring to catch persistent exceptions, crash causes, or other issues
  • Uptime Guarantee to ensure your community members can always play
  • Continuous File Cloning with included restore and file retention. Accidents happen.
  • Updates and Plugin Maintenance so you never have to worry about being vulnerable to crashes and exploits
  • NeverSpam and NeverLogin Licenses to handle the rowdy few that like to cause trouble

Starting today Server Management services are available to order for all customers, new and returning. We plan to expand out our featureset as we continue to grow and expand.

Thank you for choosing Melon Development, and we look forward to working with you.