DataStores on the Roblox platform have always been tricky. There’s no easy way to keep track of changes, but it’s now easier than ever to recover from data-sasters. (See what we did there?)

Let’s break things down, first.

What’s a DataStore?


A DataStore is a database service that Roblox offers to game developers. It allows developers to keep data on their players across sessions. This data could be anything, but it’s usually purchases, gold, XP, levels, pets, etc.

What’s the problem?

DataStores have no history or versioning. While this is fine for simple games, the future of Roblox games are significantly more complex, high-production titles. When working with lots of data, this is extremely risky. If one mistake is missed and pushed to production, you could have lost data on your hands, a ruined economy, or players that have purchases not processing correctly.

You can see how this would get messy very quickly.

That’s where BloxBackup comes in.

BloxBackup sits in the background and takes a shadow-copy of everything you save to your Roblox DataStores. Player data, shop data, events, anything. We forward a copy of everything you send and store each version on our servers. Always available, always retrievable.

Pre-production UI. Subject to change for final release.

Pre-production UI. Subject to change for final release.

An easy to use, online browser.

Because we shadow copy everything you send to Roblox, you can use BloxBackup to browse and view the latest info about your game. Filtering allows you to find exactly what you’re looking for, and the document tree allows you to see everything about the specific key immediately. There’s no complex workarounds necessary.

And when disaster strikes?

Your team just pushed an update that completely broke your economy. An infinite money issue allows players to have millions in currency in just a matter of seconds. Previously, your game was ruined, and you’d need to reset everything and manually give back purchases.


As players rejoin your game, simply revert their data back to their most recent save before your bad patch. Because BloxBackup stores every single version of their data for up to 30 days, you’ll never miss a beat. Player progress loss is minimal and your game can continue as if nothing happened.

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Sound like a dream to you?

Dream no more. BloxBackup enters private beta today. Use it for free as we finish building out our product and adding in the features we think you’ll find most useful.

Never lose player data again, and always keep a copy of your most important data.


Imagery courtesy of Ouch!