Do you really need a website?

The Importance of an Online Presence in 2018


As technology grows and evolves, so do the people using it. Years ago it was a novelty to own your own computer, and nowadays you’re “living in the stone age” if you don’t have the brand new smartphone.

Technology is changing the landscape of business, with a whopping 80% of shoppers using a mobile phone to look up product reviews, prices, or to find merchants, and an estimated 10 Billion mobile devices in use across the globe. An online presence for your company is more important now than ever before.

My company has done fine so far, why do I need a website NOW?

An online presence is all about growth. When paying customers want a product they look to search engines to bring them the best services possible at the best prices. No more phone calls, no more in-person meetings, just a contact form that can be filled out and everything is handled for them. In an age of instant feedback, customers are growing to expect obvious pricing, the shortest delivery time possible, and the product to match exactly what is advertised.

If you want to grow your business you NEED an online presence. Newspapers, business directories, and billboards will only reach a very small amount of people. The internet is endless, ever expanding, and allows your company to advertise to potentially millions of users.

Alright, a website sounds like a good idea.

Now what?

There’s many ways to establish an online presence. It all depends on your budget, if your company is more of a hobby/side project, and how much you want to grow. If you’re just starting out and you want a website for your home business you can use a basic website builder, generally it won’t cost you more than $25/month, and you’ll have a fairly nice looking, but feature-lacking website, this is perfect for someone just starting out.

On the other side, if you’re an established company, want an individualized brand, or just want to look as professional as possible, you may want to look into custom website development. A custom website will offer any functionality you can imagine, from booking, scheduling, customer service interfaces, analytics, ability to sell items directly off your website, customer accounts, and much more! Generally a fully custom website will have an upfront cost of at least $3,000, and can sometimes run as high as $25,000 or more. You’re paying more up front for something that will individually support your business and allow you to show off your products as well as possible to your website’s visitors.

Custom Websites with Melon Development


Melon Development offers an extensive array of custom website services for companies looking to establish their brand online in a unique way. We offer everything from basic website development to fully integrated applications on your website for booking appointments, selling products, and more!

Unlike many website development companies we work with on-staff user experience and user interface designers that help to not only make a beautiful website for your company, but a website that your visitors will be able to easily navigate and understand. Making an effective website requires a perfect balance between functionality and design.

We pair our website development services with our advanced server management services to make sure your website is up and running as efficiently as possible. No long load times, no wait to change pages, no matter how slow or fast your internet is.

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