One Year Already?

In May of 2017, Melon Development was founded with the goal to provide premium services and solutions to creators in the gaming industry. We believed that getting great projects developed, designs made, and enjoying premium management shouldn't require head hunting for the best in the industry. When you have a great idea, you want to start it now. That's where we stepped in.

This has been a crazy year for the entire team, and since we've opened our doors we've massively expanded our coverage from where we started. We have a lot of crazy awesome ideas for the future, and we can't wait to show you.

Timeline So Far

  • MAY 16, 2017: Melon Development, LLC is created and we begin officially offering our services to one of the largest Skyblock servers.
  • JUNE: Melon Development hires our first contractor and developer
  • AUGUST: We hire our first Game Designer and Client Relations team member
  • OCTOBER: We launch our Partner Program, designed to allow those with big ideas and small budgets to bring their concept to life. We expand into Web Development with our first hires in the space and announce our development of the CubedPay project.
  • NOVEMBER: CubedPay officially starts accepting Private Beta applicants to allow us to start working with our users during the entire development cycle
  • DECEMBER: CubedPay conceptualizing finishes and development officially begins.
  • JANUARY: Melon Development begins to offer build services, partnering with the best in the industry to give our clients a great experience without having to hunt for teams.
  • FEBRUARY: The CubedPay landing page goes live and we begin giving out initial keys for the platform.
  • MARCH: Melon Development begins to offer art and graphic design services. Kyle Bauske joins officially as the Chief Operations Officer.
  • APRIL: CubedPay Private Beta launches as more keys are distributed. JP M. joins as the Chef Technology Officer.
  • MAY: Melon Development, LLC begins Melon Development, Inc. in preparation for future expansion and partners.

We're so excited for the road ahead, and can't thank our amazing clients enough for their support so far.

Devon T.
President & CEO, Melon Development Inc.


We're looking for more artists to join our team! If you like to do doodles and squiggles while also making some lovely cash, please check here for details!