By being involved in the YouTube and content creation space, we see everyday how creators and influencers deal with troubling monetization issues. We strive to identify and resolve the pain points involved with monetization through many of our day to day offerings. To name a few:

  • We created Brand Portal to help creators stand out from the crowd, show off their successes, and make them easily identifiable to potential sponsors and businesses.
  • We started Melon Seed Media, a brand new company with the primary focus on ensuring business and brand success for our clients in an industry of unease and inherent lack of trust.

While our tools are helping clients every day, we noticed some additional pain points in the industry: specifically in regards to how fans contribute to creators directly. The key issues we've found are:

  1. Absurd prices. Up to 40% fees collected on some streaming sites, while other platforms charge up to 12% for basic functionality.
  2. Platform lock-in. You become stuck to using a specific platform or service just because people "subscribe" to you, there. Your livelihood is put at risk if you want to try looking into other opportunities.
  3. Lack of syndication. Some platforms will only ever offer features that benefit them - which simply isn't realistic. Your community and brand coexist across multiple platforms, games, and communities.

With all this in mind, we went to work on building what we believe to be the solution for all these woes.

Enter: Donoro

"Monetize Anything" is the term we wanted to keep in mind throughout all development. It didn't matter where you uploaded videos, streamed content, or posted your selfies. Your brand exists on multiple sites, so your fan experience should support that.

Donoro allows you to monetize your content in seconds, no matter what you do, and ensures that your fans receive an experience they expect. Every Donoro page includes a storefront where manual or automated "rewards" can be sold, as well as the ability to collect contributions directly. What does this mean? Well, out of the box, we support the abilities to:

... and that's just scratching the surface. We have many more apps supported for launch, with tons planned to add in the future.

Built in to our core, we also addressed the primary pain points we brought up above:

Absurd prices?

Not here. There would be one plan that everyone had access to that had one price, a simple 5% service fee of what you processed. No hidden charges for bonus features, faster support, or anything else.

Platform lock-in?

We don't care where you produce your content. Your fans aren't required to sign in to any specific social gateway (or sign in at all, really). If you swap streaming services, land that new contract with another MCN, or need to monetize that charity stream - no worries, we got your back.

Lack of Syndication

We offer integrations out of the box for Reddit, Discord, Minecraft, Zapier, and many more. We don't care where you create your content, and we'll support wherever your fans go.

With these three key factors, we had our foundation laid down. From it, we built what we believe to be a beautiful experience that's a breeze to manage your page through.

A dashboard that's even more functional than beautiful.

Everything you need to see at a glance, always up to date with live-updating data. Access and management of your page should be a breeze and shouldn't require a support ticket for the most basic tasks.

Effortless Management

Look up payments and orders in minutes, and see exactly what the status of a contribution is. Awaiting payment? Refunded? Waiting for delivery? It's all clear and easy to see at a glance. Contributors can even leave messages for you to see and respond to!

Configuration without the Coding Knowledge

New rewards can be setup quickly. Collect custom details, upload icons, set prices, and even configure stock limits and promo codes.

But wait! can I use Donoro for...

  • Collecting donations for my event or stream? YES!
  • Tracking my goals and milestones toward something? YES!
  • Creating a paid Discord server? YES!
  • Giving out perks or colored names in my game server? YES!
  • Selling access to my private Minecraft server? YES!
  • Funding my mod team on Reddit? YES!
  • Selling my new music album? YES!
  • Giving out coupons for free downloads? YES!
  • Taking commissions and custom orders? YES!
  • Shipping physical items or merchandise? YES!
  • Giving out early access to my YouTube video? YES!
  • Selling software, custom mods, or graphics packs? YES!
  • Handling customer support with purchase problems? YES!
  • Managing multiple pages? YES!
  • Order management and organization? YES!
  • Selling multiple products? YES!
  • Limiting the amount of downloads on purchased files? YES!
  • Reducing chargebacks with superior customer support tools? YES!
  • Linking my other social media sites and portfolios? YES!
  • Collecting extra custom details at checkout? YES!
  • Creating coupon codes to drive sales? YES!

We could go on, but this isn't the place for that. ;)

So when can I use it?

Donoro is live as of today in private beta. We want to make the best product we can in a space that lacks significant innovation or affordable pricing.

Anybody can make a contribution or purchase from a Donoro page today, but signing up requires an invitation key from us. We're currently working with top talent in YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer to ensure that what we're building is useful, functional, and easy to use. If you think you'd be a good fit for our beta program, drop us an email.

If you're curious to learn more about Donoro, check out all of our features or how we stack up against big names like Patreon and Twitch's Bits.