Update on August 12th:

Original Post:

We’ve received many emails, messages, DMs, and tweets about Melon Development’s first project; CubedPay.

We’ve decided its only right to publicly address the questions and concerns about the platform and to discuss what the plans are.

What is CubedPay?


If you’re not familiar with our CubedPay platform, you may be scratching your head wondering why you’re even reading this post, but don’t worry, I’ll briefly cover what CubedPay’s purpose is and what its original plans were.

Back in 2017 the development of the CubedPay platform began, we hired some of the best developers we could find and put together an amazingly robust platform that would allow indie games to easily add monetization strategies to their games while also tying in with physical website storefronts.

We built a lot of hype around this platform in the Minecraft community as the other options at the time for monetizing game servers were sub-par and relied on heavily dated technology, not to mention posed immense security risks to customers.

We initially launched the platform in a very alpha state exclusively for Minecraft servers as that was where the most demand was at the time, we spoke with hundreds of major server owners who helped us slowly evolve the platform into something that both merchants and customers would love. Unfortunately we ran into some issues while evolving this platform, which began with the original PHP codebase becoming virtually unusable as more features were added and more customers used the platform.

undraw_gaming_6oy3 (1).png

This required the entire codebase to be rewritten in a more robust language that allowed us to more easily make changes and support the functionality that our clients were looking for. Around this time we successfully landed partnerships with both Bank of America and PayPal to help our business model and offer lower per-transaction fees than any of our competitors.

The codebase rewrite for CubedPay was fully complete in March of 2019, but by the time it was fully complete, Melon Development had fully pivoted towards client-facing work and other internal projects made to further our B2B growth. We’re also uncertain of the future of the Minecraft Java Community and do not want to risk the investment of significant resources into it.

What comes next?


With a heavy heart we fully discontinued further development of CubedPay. The ability to diversify our funding to projects that are better in line with what our company is all about and what we’re looking to leave as our legacy and make a major part of our future. These other opportunities for internal projects include our newest major project, BlocksRepo, as well as a few unreleased projects that are slowly growing behind the scenes.

What happens to my data on CubedPay?

Nothing at all for now. Your stores and data on CubedPay will continue to operate just as they always have. Starting on June 1st, 2019, the ability to create new stores will be disabled. On September 1st, 2019, we will begin closing remaining stores entirely. Until then, you’ll be able to continue processing transactions, handling payments for your players, and funding your server with CubedPay. We are simply no longer actively producing new features for the platform.


CubedPay may make a comeback in the future if we are able to find a place for it, but for now it will remain a testimony to the quality and skill of our web development division and the features used within it will be leveraged in the production of our future applications.

Thank you for reading, we hope to see you around on one of our other products in the future!

- The Melon Development Team