About a year ago, we released Uncharted, our first fully produced in-house server designed to showcase the skills of our development team at the time. We ended up operating this project for about 7 months, until it unfortunately had to take a backseat to the many full time projects we were taking on from clients.

Uncharted was never meant to explode into a tens-of-thousands of current player online experience; but instead, we wanted it to serve as an example of what's possible for clients when a project is fully planned out and given the time and attention that it deserves from game development to community management. Uncharted served its purpose more than once and is the example we always wanted and our clients loved.

In order to allow us to continue using it as an example while still allowing our internally grown dedicated community to continue enjoying it, we licensed the project out to 3rd party operators who we believed would be the best fit for the project. From March to July, this team released content patches, bug fixes, operated community support, and managed the social media channels for the server. This allowed us to dedicate our time to other affairs while enabling Uncharted to passively continue. We weren't sure of the future of our beloved creation at the time, but the  community that it had created was absolutely worth keeping the server around for.

In early June, we were approached by Parker Games to produce a minigame for a charity livestream he was hosting, in partnership with Game Changers Charity. We enjoyed working with each other so much, that we formed a pipeline of future releases. With that, we had the idea of incorporating Uncharted into what will become our most proud culmination of work yet.

We're extremely happy to say that Uncharted will play a very big role in our future endeavors, and as a result, benefit thousands of children helped by Game Changers.

We can't discuss too much just yet, but we're very excited for the future of the Uncharted project, and we couldn't be more proud of what we're able to provide to upcoming endeavors.

To those unfamiliar with the Uncharted project, check out the trailer below:

We can't wait for you to see what's planned.