2 years… wow. It’s crazy how quickly time can fly when you’re working with an extremely supportive and dedicated team. I think it’s only fair to do this day justice by going over some of the highlights of the last couple years…

When I first started Melon Development in 2017, it was just me, Devon. It was created to simply act as a holding company for all of the projects I was working on and the clients I was working with. (At the time, it was quite a handful to manage, properly…)

Shortly after, that summer, I recruited the first team member that worked with me on the largest Skyblock server in Minecraft at the time. Due to our team size and scale, we only had the capacity to ever take on one major client at a time, and thanks to my previous experience on other well-known projects, it worked out well for a good while.


Melon Development would open its first non-Minecraft division, our Web Team in October of the same year as we began development on CubedPay, my in-server payment prototype that I tinkered with the year before. Now backed by the funding of Melon Development, I was able to see it through to a real production-ready product.

Fast forward to the following spring and Kyle Bauske joins as our Chief Operating Officer. Since day 1, Kyle has been an invaluable asset to this company for both our team and as my business partner. We ramped up production on CubedPay by hiring out more web developers and our first addition to our design team and we amplified our focus on client-facing projects. Shortly after, Jean May would join as our Chief Technology Officer, leveraging his experience in system administration and extensive modding to build tools like our Hyper Minecraft server jar.

In the Summer of 2018, we released Uncharted as a testimony to the skills and abilities of our team. We wanted to produce a Minecraft server that would serve as a suitable example of what was possible with a little bit of time and dedication. We began to focus our web team between CubedPay and client-facing web projects, having caught the interest of several other businesses in our industry.

In late summer we finally released CubedPay in public beta. This was a big deal for us, as it became the first product that we built and funded entirely in-house that was ready for public usage. This launch caught the attention of more of our future clients almost immediately due to the sheer scale and complexity of the project.

Unfortunately, Minecraft began seeing a decline a few months later. Our Minecraft-related orders were slowing and interest in builds was dying out. This was primarily due to Mojang’s ever-ongoing EULA enforcement strategy and the lack of general creator-interest in the space. We took a giant risk and decided that we needed to pivot and focus a new market in order to continue growing and secure our future… and that was Roblox.

Today, we’re still focusing mostly on our Web Team and Roblox Divisions, both growing rapidly as we help creators and brands alike optimize their presence in the social gaming space.

At the end of the day, we owe everything entirely to every amazing client that we’ve worked with and has supported us as well as our extremely dedicated team that works tirelessly every single day to ensure every client has a project that meets the quality and standards that they should expect.

We have so many plans for the future with so much more that we haven’t touched on publicly. It’s a long road ahead, but we’re excited for every second of it.

Onward and upward.

~ Devon Thome, CEO & Founder